Our Team & Facility

Meet Trainer

& Co-owner

Hannah Lomoth

Hannah has always training & competing with her Golden Retriever, Gabriel. After high-school, she wanted to expand her training knowledge, & completed an apprenticeship.

During her apprenticeship, she had many hours of hands on experience, working with a variety of dog breeds, & behavioural issues; including dog, & human aggression.

Hannah currently has 2 personal dogs. Gabriel
& Hannah have achieved
an IGP BH-VT title. She & Gabe are currently working towards their master title in rally obedience!

Calluna, Hannah’s sport prospect, can be seen showing in the conformation ring; where they have already achieved their championship title! They are currently preparing for their BH & Rally titles.

For fun, Hannah does duck hunting with Gabriel & Calluna. Hannah & Gabriel achieved their WC in spring 2022, & will continue to work towards more!

Meet Trainer

& Co-owner

Isabel Lomoth

Isabel has had a passion for dogs ever since a young age. She could be found practicing for agility, or tricks, with her family’s Golden Retriever growing up. She often helped friends & family with their dogs, & was frequently told she had a natural talent.

After working in retail for many years (& hating it) Isabel decided it was time to pursue a career in dog training.

Although she spent a lot of her time growing up training dogs, Isabel pursued an apprenticeship. She has since spent many hours working hands on, with a variety of dogs. She realized dog training was her calling, & that is how Golden Leash K9s was formed.

Isabel currently has 3 of her own dogs & is working toward competing in IGP with both of her Belgian Malinois, Fawkes & Ezra. Fawkes & Isabel have also dabbled in a bit of dock diving together, & hope to continue that in the future.

Her Siberian Husky, Sky, enjoys the active family life, including long bike rides & off-leash hiking!

Sky is an exceptionally tempermented Husky, & has already produce one amazing, stable, litter of puppies. She is currently pregnant with her second litter, & the pairing will produce more amazing, well-rounded family pups!

Indoor Training Space

When you come to us for Private Sessions, or leave your dog for a Board & Train, they will be trained in our beautifully & freshly renovate training room.

The floors are lined with horse stall mats to reduce impact for your dog, as well as keep them from sliding around!

Our indoor training space is available for rental, to those looking to host seminars, temperament test litters, etc. As well as other training professionals!

Our Property

Situated on 23 acres of farm property, we have tons of space for training, & exercising dogs!

Your dog will be exposed to many different distractions. We have a variety of farm animals on property, as well as wildlife frequenting the property! Great for getting your dog proofed in a high stimulus environment with a multitude of situations, allowing us in to create amazing reliability.

We have multiple areas of the property, that are great for walking, training, & for the usage of seminars.

Take a look at our facility!

Property & training spaces available for rent to other training professionals, or for the usage of seminars

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