Our Team

Meet Trainer 

& Co-owner

Hannah Lomoth

Hannah has always loved training & competing with her first Golden Retriever, Gabriel. After high-school, she wanted to expand her training knowledge, & completed an apprenticeship. 

During her apprenticeship, she had many hours of hands on experience, working with a variety of dog breeds, & behavioural issues.

While not only titling her personal dogs in sport and show, Hannah has titled others dogs to championships in the show ring. Including her's and Isabel's Guardian, Nimbus as seen in the background photo.

Hannah currently has 4 personal dogs. Gabriel
& Hannah have achieved an IGP BH-VT title. Hannah & Gabe are currently working towards their master rally title & WCI hunt title!

Calluna, Hannah’s female Golden Retriever can be seen showing in the conformation ring; where they have already achieved their championship title! Calluna achieved her BH title & PCD Obedience title, and is working towards Rally titles.

Bear, Hannah's co-owned male Golden Retriever can be seen in the CKC ring having achieved his championship title, and is working towards his Grand Championship. Bear will also be seen on the lure course field!

Last but not least, Sibel. Hannah's new sport and show prospect puppy has a fire in her heart and soul that can't be put out and loves to work and learn, already recieving her first ribbon for best female of breed in her first CKC show, and excelling in her working obedience and hunt training already at such a young age achieving her WC hunt certificate. Keep your eyes out for this firecracker, she will be unforgettable!

Meet Trainer 

& Co-owner

 Isabel Lomoth

Isabel has had a passion for dogs ever since a young age. She could be found practicing for agility, tricks, and obedience with her family’s Golden Retriever growing up. She often helped friends & family with their dogs, & was frequently told she had a natural talent.

After working in retail for many years (& hating it) Isabel decided it was time to pursue a career in dog training where her natural abilities and talent could be put to use in helping others and their dogs.

 Although she spent a lot of her time growing up training dogs, Isabel pursued an apprenticeship to expand her knowledge further. She has since spent many hours working hands on, with a variety of dog breeds and behavioural cases. She realized dog training was her calling, & that is how Golden Leash K9s Inc. was formed.

Isabel's person sport dog Fawkes, a 3 year old Belgian Malinois currently has her BH-VT title, CGN title, and Novice Sprinter title. This year Isabel has big plans for Fawkes in acheiving her IGP 1&2 titles, with her first trial planned for June 1st!