Anne Lynn & Jaime

Golden Leash K9s helped me train my very excitable 1 year old puppy with terrible recall. He loved pulling me everywhere to say hi to every single human and dogs we passed by. After his 4 week off leash board and train he now offers more focus on me without changing his goofy personality. These ladies helped Jamie and I build a better relationship with each other.

Anisa Gagnon & Gibson

My Springer was very leash reactive and we were unable to go for walks during periods of the day where we might run into other dogs. He was also on an anti-anxiety medication full time for 4 years as our vet believed his at home reactivity was due to fear.

I reached out to Golden Leash K9s and explained the situation. From the moment they walked through our door they had a handle on Gibson's situation. Their training approach was different than all the other training we had done and this finally clicked with Gibson.

I can not praise them enough! I now have a relaxed (medication free) happy dog! We are able to go for walks and live our lives without the fear of a crazy reaction.

Truly amazing and for anyone who asks me I tell them it was like magic. If you are debating, I highly suggest reaching out and learning more.

5 Stars - 100%.

Ayla LeGault & Scout

Our Brittany was just 6 months old when we started his training. He would pull so badly on the leash that he would choke himself out and gag. I hated walking him. When Isabel and Hannah helped us introduce the prong collar and ecollar, everything changed. The dog training world can be confusing and make you question the ways you have decided to train. I really loved that once we went all in and adopted their recommended methods, we didn’t need to question it. Isabel and Hannah were very supportive and knew exactly what they were doing. We could always ask questions at any time and get clear answers. They even met us at our local park so that we could do training outside. 10/10 experience.

Ricardo Sousa & Rafa

First of all we cannot thank or recommend the amazing ladies at Golden Leash K9s enough for everything they have done for our dog Rafa and us! About 6 months ago we adopted a 2 year old golden retriever from the humane society. We were excited and thought we were getting the typical happy and goofy golden retriever. We were not prepared for the challenge we had once we got him. Rafa is a great dog but it was obvious he did not have structure, consistency, or leadership in his previous home. He was impossible to walk as he would pull to the point of choking himself. When we got him he actually had no bark for weeks. He was also super reactive to other dogs and animals. We signed him up with another trainer shortly after getting him and after 6 sessions and us doing multiple training sessions every day for months, we noticed no difference. In fact his reactivity was getting worse. We couldn’t take him anywhere! After a few months we signed up with yet another trainer and same story…no improvement. Summer passed and we did not get to have many adventures with him. We felt frustrated, defeated, and had thought maybe we were not the best home for him. We preserved and said let’s try another trainer and hope for the best. That’s when we came across Golden Leash K9s. During our first meet and greet they were very honest and straightforward and had a plan. They also told us something that would stick with us. They said “we know we aren’t your first trainers but we intend to be the last!” So we started Rafa’s training sessions. The first few were difficult. We were learning a whole new language and how to communicate with him. We were laying the ground work. Then about half way through our sessions, we had our breakthrough. Rafa learned what we were asking of him and he started listening! With every session, walk, or time we took him out he showed so much improvement. We started exposing him to more of the world and he was handling it so well. Things we never would have imagined doing with him we were now able to do. Rafa still has a way to go but the progress from where he was to now is unbelievable and again we have the ladies at Golden Leash to thank! 10/10 would recommend! Thanks again ladies!

Paige Trudeau & Callie

Could not thank Golden Leash K9s enough! Our reactive, and anxious German shepherd pup with poor recall has become the best dog ever, better than I could have ever expected. She can now walk on leash and pass beside another dog without any reactivity, her off leash recall is so great and she does so well with new people entering our home!These ladies have not only strengthened our dogs confidence but also our confidence as dog owners. Their constant support and reassurance is what got us through! Would recommended 10000 times over.

Michelle Thibodeau-Main & Marley

Isabel and Hannah are simply amazing!

Their knowledge and expertise on training and behaviour for dogs has made our experience in training our pup enjoyable.

We are completely confident in their guidance and ability to train our pup who is overly stubborn and lazy.

They are super responsive to any questions we have in between our sessions and an excellent support as we train Marley to be best mannered little bullmastiff.

We would recommend Golden Leash K9!

Yeraldin Serna Alvarez , Andrew Walsh, & Lexie

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Hannah and Isabel. I was already very much in love with my dog, and would do almost everything with her.. they have made the relationship I currently have with Lexie so much stronger and better. Lexie anticipates my every move, and is always focused on me regardless of the environment we are in.

Lexie bonded with Hannah and Isabel right off the bat, she loves her training days, and is super eager to learn (as long as there is food/treats!). Every behavioural concern (pulling during walks, over excitement when waking past another dog, etc) I had with Lexie in the beginning has been corrected. They exceeded my expectations, and left me with a smarter companion!

Hannah and Isabel thank you again!!! Lexie and I have such an amazing relationship because of you two!!

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